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X27 – An Initiative for the 2027 National Exhibition

Each time the National Exhibition was held it was an event that built up over several years and occupied the whole of Switzerland bringing inhabitants together for one summer – with societal after-effects and side effects felt decades afterwards. Sociologists speak of the National Exhibition as an essential part of the “symbolic infrastructure” of our country. One could also say that every “Landi” has shaped and consolidated our Swiss identity, our attitude and our self-confidence as a small country on a large planet. We want to add to this rich history. Though the underlying reasons are entirely different than in 1883, the need for a national exhibition in 2027 is the same. At a time when we are digitally networked, a “Landi” would once again be a place where an abstract Switzerland could meet in all its diversity and strengthen itself for a shared future. In a time of globalisation, structural change and digitisation, such a coming together is urgently needed.

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X27 is an entirely new form for the 2027 national exhibition

X27 begins today and will have an impact beyond 2027. Over the next few years, “X27” will identify, unite and accompany projects and commitments throughout the country. This work will take place via various “Rendez-vous”, which will take place decentrally in all parts of the country via a digital platform and physical stages throughout Switzerland, which gather the projects, network them and make them visible. All of this will culminate at the nationwide “Rendez-vous with the future” in 2027. The large “Rendez-vous” is set to take place in 2027 at a location that will prove to be the right one in the course of the project’s development. “Interim use” and “synergies” are the answers to the question surrounding the sustainability of a national exhibition.

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X27 is a platform for Swiss future-oriented projects

We are building a public platform for the “arching projects.” The platform will be both a digital and physical, and act as a self-organised and decentralised meeting point. The physical meeting points will be located throughout Switzerland. These platforms will enable private and public initiators, interested parties, researchers and developers to network, exchange ideas and reflect on their projects, thereby creating synergies.

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Become part of the movement X27

Today, we as X27 are regarded as the leading initiative for a future-oriented and socially linked national exhibition in 2027. It took a lot of ideas, discussions, arguments, mistakes and experiences of success, but above all a lot of time and commitment. We were able to achieve all this thanks to the great commitment of many volunteers.

The task now is to carry out professional planning, lobbying and communication work in order to involve and inspire wider circles, particularly in French-speaking Switzerland, Ticino, the Confederation and the cantons. For this we need your support!


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Our annual rendez-vous take place decentrally at various locations in Switzerland. Subscribe to our newsletter now to be the first to know when the registration list for the 2020 Rendez-vous opens.

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Create your own CUBIX – a unique virtual unit – through which you will also become a follower of our movement and receive regular updates. In doing so, you show us your support and help us to show Switzerland and its decision-makers that our cause is broadly anchored.

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Support us financially as XVESTOR

As long as there are multiple initiatives (X27, NEXPO, Svizra 27) we cannot receive any “official” funds from state or national instituations. Even most foundations can only speak in favour of a project with a guarantee of implementation. This – and only this – weakens us, for example, compared to the NEXPO, which is already generously financed by the 10 largest Swiss cities.

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